What You Can Do After a Tree Stump Removal

Fun Things to Enjoy Once You Remove Stumps in Your Garden

Once the stumps have been removed from your garden, it’s time to start making plans for what to do with all that extra space! There are lots of fun activities you can enjoy in a newly-opened garden and plenty of ways to make it look beautiful. From adding colorful flowers and greenery to creating a cozy seating area or even constructing a fire pit, the possibilities are endless. Here are some fun ideas for what you can do with your newly-opened garden space after a tree stump removal:

Plant a Flower Garden

Nothing adds color and vibrancy to a yard like beautiful flowers! Choose from a variety of colorful blooms and create a stunning and eye-catching flower garden. You can also include some shrubs and trees in the mix, to add more dimension to the area.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

A garden is not complete without a comfortable seating area! Add some chairs, benches, or even sofas around the perimeter of your yard, and enjoy some quiet time in the sun or evening conversations under the stars.

Construct a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere in your garden and it’s also a wonderful spot for hosting outdoor get-togethers. You can even cozy up around the fire on chilly nights! You can build your own fire pit or purchase one from a home improvement store.

Install a Water Feature

Water features are sure to add charm and beauty to your outdoor space. A small pond, a fountain, or even a bird bath can give your garden an extra special touch. This is a great way to attract birds and other wildlife, too.

Hang Up String Lights

String lights are always a great addition to any outdoor area and will instantly transform the look of your garden. Hang them up around the perimeter of your yard for a magical touch. You can also add some paper lanterns to the mix, for an extra festive look.

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