Proper Tree Trimming in Atlanta, GA Methods for Improved Health

Are you sure that you’re cutting off the branches of the trees in your property correctly? Are you certain that you are using the right method to trim the limbs of your trees? If you’re not entirely sure, it would be for the best if you enlist the help of a tree trimming expert such as Rodriguez Trees LLC. We are better trained and equipped to properly trim the trees in the properties of our clients living in the Atlanta, GA area.

When Trimming the Trees

There is actually a proper way of trimming trees. Homeowners just don’t know it because they either leave their trees as is without trimming the branches or it’s just too much of a hassle for them to actually take note of or apply. First of all, cutting dead, weak, and loosely hanging branches is vital to keep your trees healthy. Second, if you don’t bother knowing how to cut the branches properly, you’re going to end up doing more harm than good. To help you get started, consider hiring a tree trimming expert like us to trim the trees on your property for you.


We Trim Trees Properly!

Our tree trimming service focuses on cutting off dead, weak, and loosely hanging branches on the trees in your property. We do this by making use of the right set of tools as well as the correct trimming technique/s. Although the tools that we’ll be using will depend on the size of the branches, rest assured that we won’t cause too big of a wound on the trunk of the tree. This is because we use the three-cut method, where we cut the branch only a few inches away from the trunk, making a cut at the top part and first and then the bottom part so as not to cause the branch to tear off a big chunk of the trunk. So, if you want proper trimming techniques to be used to cut the branches of your trees, we’re just a call away!

Rodriguez Trees LLC is a tree trimming expert who can properly trim the trees on your yard for you. Do you need help in cutting off the branches of the trees in your property in Atlanta, GA? Don’t hesitate to leave the job to us by giving us a call at (404) 985-1018 today!