Trees That Require a Regular Residential Tree Trimming Service

Different Types of Residential Trees That Require Regular Tree Trimming

Trees are the lifeblood of your home. From cooling down summer days to providing shade on those sweltering afternoons, they do their best to keep you comfortable in your own backyard. However, even though these majestic plants are vital to our homes, they do require a little TLC every now and then. Whether it’s residential tree trimming or pruning, you should always be on top of any issues with your trees! Here’s a list of residential tree species that require regular tree trimming:

Willow Trees

Willow trees are a tall, slender species that can reach up to 80 feet in height. Their long, flexible branches allow them to bend in the wind and provide an elegant appearance. Willow trees are known for their willow bark which is used in many herbal remedies. Willow trees require regular trimming because their branches tend to droop toward the ground if they’re left untrimmed for too long.

Elm Trees

Elms are deciduous, meaning that they lose their leaves in the winter. Their bark is reddish-brown and has deep roots, which can make them difficult to remove from your yard if you live in an area where elm disease is prevalent. These trees have oval-shaped leaves with smooth edges, but they have a tendency to drop these leaves early if they’re stressed by drought or other factors.

Boxelder Trees

Boxelder trees are native to North America, where they grow in full sunlight. They’re deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves each fall and regrow them in spring. Boxelder trees also tend to be resistant to drought and disease. They can tolerate cold winters better than many other species of the tree because their bark protects them from frost damage.

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