Tree Stump Removal 101

Let’s Get Rid of Your Tree Stumps Once and for All

Is getting rid of tree stumps in your yard necessary? Should you attempt a do-it-yourself stump removal or pay a pro? It’s not as straightforward as you may believe to remove tree stumps. It is more difficult than removing a tree. You’ll need the right equipment and training to remove a tree stump.

Tree stumps make for ugly lawn decorations, but there are more reasons to get rid of them than just to make your yard look better. Here are the top four reasons to choose a tree stump removal service and bid tree stumps a final farewell:


Tree stumps do not enhance the curb appeal of your home in any way. Even if it seems better after tree removal, a stump will deteriorate into a nasty mess within a few years.


Stumps that are ignored in a lawn or landscape might offer a tripping hazard to children, neighbors, or guests on your property. If you hit the stump while mowing your lawn and have to go to the repair shop, it could end up costing you more money. It entirely raises the issue of liability on your property.


When a tree stump is left to decompose over time, the rotting debris may draw termites, ants, beetles, and other pests. Additionally, if the stump is next to other live trees, it may simply present a health risk to those trees since the stump attracts bugs that could endanger your house or commercial facility. Spending a little money on a tree stump removal service will be more cost-effective than taking a chance on these possible damages and future expenses.


In several situations, trees need to be removed because of diseases that have harmed or killed the plant. These strange stumps may harbor fungus or disease that spreads to neighboring trees or decorative plants and eventually harms or kills those plants.

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