The Important of Stump Removal After a Tree Removal

Tree Stump Removal: Why It’s Important

Following tree removal, many homeowners opt to keep the tree stumps. Leaving the stump behind might not be a good idea despite the added expense. Only once the stump has been fully removed is the job of removing a tree considered finished. Here are some reasons why doing a removal is important:

They’re Unsightly

Stumps don’t improve the appeal of any property in any way. At best, they may lower the property’s market value, which could be a concern if you decide to sell your house. Additionally, stumps occupy precious space that could be used for landscaping (e.g., building new structures or planting new trees).

They Can Be Hazardous

A possible hazard is created when stumps are left on a lawn or yard. If kids don’t watch where they’re going, they may trip over the stump or roots. Additionally, tripping over the stump puts visitors at risk for injury. Extreme cases of these injuries may lead to legal action being taken against the homeowners. The stumps can hinder yard maintenance by harming lawnmowers and other landscaping equipment.

They Attract Pests

When a stump decomposes, insects are drawn to it, such as termites, ants, beetles, etc. Pests can more easily access other trees in your yard once they have built a nest in the stump. Sometimes they can get as far as your house. Removal frequently necessitates pricey house repairs and pest control services.

They Can Continue Growing

Some tree species can produce new saplings or sucker growth from the stump. These saplings are frequently not securely fastened to the stump, posing a risk to future safety. The stump’s underground roots may keep expanding. These roots can destroy any healthy development above them or scavenge resources from surrounding plants. If the roots spread widely enough, they may damage underground sewer systems and the house’s foundation.

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