Know the Different Types of Stumps Before Hiring a Tree Stump Removal Service

What Are Different Types of Tree Stumps?

Trees are considered nature’s great recyclers. When they are cut down, they don’t just send the wood to landfills but, they are split into pieces that are used for making fires, and fertilizer, among other things. However, not all stumps can be used for this purpose. However, there are different types of stumps, so knowing what they are would be helpful when you are planning to have tree stump removal done. Below are the common types of tree stumps.

Green Tree Stump

The green tree stump is the stump that is verdant. This means that the stump still has some green leaves but is dead. It can be clearly seen because the stumps don’t have any leaves or flowers. These stumps can still be used for landscaping but should be removed as soon as possible because the green stem could grow and be mistaken for the real thing.

Reconstructed Stump

These can be reconstructed using pieces of trees that have been cut down recently. There are times when the stump is still green and then there are times when it is brown and appears to be made up of multiple pieces.

Broken Stump

This is a stump that is too short to reconstruct. It is simply a stump that has broken in half after it was cut. There are numerous reasons for this, but the immediate option is to break the stump into two pieces before removing them.

Dying Tree Stump

The dying tree stump is in the advanced stages of decay and is slowly dying. The brown color is starting to spread to the canopy of the stump, and the trunk is drying up. This is a sign that the tree is dying. To prevent the stump from going completely to waste, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the infection to the real tree.

Dry Stump

These are stumps that either have not been cut down or have rotted enough that they have dried out. They are also referred to as black stumps and will look extremely unsightly on your property.

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