Hiring Tree Trimming Services to Help You Choose Pine Trees for Your Landscape

Which of the Different Types of Pine Trees Should You Choose?

Have you ever desired a personal pine tree for your yard? You’ll be happy to learn that there are numerous varieties of pine trees to choose from. Making a decision can be difficult. Herein is the value of this article. These are a few of our favorites that fit your outside area. If you need additional tree recommendations, contact a tree trimming service.

Eastern White Pine

Northern White Pine is another name for Eastern White Pine. It is the tallest native tree in North America, making it one of the most well-liked plants there.

The northernmost conifer with the fastest growth rate is this tree. This makes it a viable option for reforestation initiatives as well. It is additionally a well-liked option for Christmas trees.

Western White Pine

Silver pine or California mountain pine are other names for the Western White Pine. These trees can grow to exceed 220 feet in height and over 160 feet in width. It certainly has a grand appearance.

Usually planted as ornamental trees, Western White Pines. These trees have soft, jagged needles with delicate edges.

Loblolly Pine

Yellow pine is another name for loblolly pine. These trees can grow up to nearly 110 feet in height and five feet in width. A Loblolly Pine can reach heights of over 150 feet in some cases. These plants aid with soil stabilization. Sometimes the needles are twisted. The cones are about five inches long and have a green color. Each of these cones has a pointed spine.

Lodgepole Pine

Twister pine and coast pine are two other names for lodgepole pine. This tree comes in four different subspecies. The Lodgepole Pine can be a shrub or an evergreen tree, depending on which subspecies you choose. If a shrub form is chosen, it will only reach a height of 10 feet. Other, larger subspecies can reach heights of more than 150 feet.

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