Great Tips for Your Trees From a Residential Tree Trimming Expert

Trimming Your Trees Will Add Beauty to Your Landscape

The trees on your property serve an important purpose. Each tree can provide shade for outdoor activities. They add beauty to your landscaping. They help to keep your home warmer and cooler by acting as a windbreak and covering against the elements. Over the years, your trees may require pruning or trimming. These two terms are used interchangeably, but they involve different procedures. Trimming generally is done to improve the look of trees. Pruning helps to strengthen trees and keep them healthy and free of disease. Here are great tips for your trees from a reliable residential tree trimming company.

Correct Trimming Techniques

Professional trimming always involves a plan that helps to improve the overall shape and condition of the tree. First, the tree cutter will remove dead and diseased branches that impede proper growth. Next, the cutter will cut back lateral branches to ensure that the tree keeps its shape. Each type of tree has its own pattern of growth. An experienced tree cutter will be able to determine which branches to remove that will help to preserve its individual growth pattern.

Trimming at the Correct Time

Trimming can be done at any time of the year, and some types of trees need to be trimmed at specific times. For example, a flowering tree requires trimming right after it flowers, in order to allow it to get new growth for its next flowering season. Older trees should be trimmed in the summer to prevent damage from inclement weather. If you have damage from a severe storm, you may need to have it pruned regardless of the time of year, to prevent a hazard from broken branches.

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