Your Healthy Guide for Residential Tree Trimming

Avoid These When Trimming Trees

Whether you’re doing it for your plants’ health or your safety, there are rules for trimming trees, and they will be discussed further below.

Find the Right Timing

Timing is everything, especially on tree trimming. Perhaps, the best time to trim trees is during winter. This will prepare the plants for the upcoming spring. Doing the trimming in the summer isn’t a good thing. The open wound will be pretty vulnerable to insects and this can cause infection. The same thing can happen if you do it in the fall. The humid temperature will make the trimmed parts vulnerable to all sorts of botanical diseases, and that’s something you got to admit.

Beware of the Collar

You will find a bump on the base of your tree branch. That bump is called a branch collar. They contain a considerable amount of liquid which is essential for plant cell osmosis. Once they are cut, their absence can impact your trees’ health. It would take a while for them to recover from this so you shouldn’t cut them at all cause. If you can’t locate them, hiring a residential tree trimming company will help.

Sanitize Tools

Using dull and unsanitized tools can be very harmful to your trees’ health. This will cause them to develop an infection. Investing in new equipment can be costly but you can always rely on experts. They already have the tools. Plus, they know how to use them.

Never Randomly Select

Some dead branches on your trees can still be recovered so it’s not ideal to cut them randomly. You need to pay extra attention to their conditions. You got to set expectations. What is your purpose for trimming it? Are you doing it for aesthetics, for the safety of your property, or their health? Your goal will guide you to the right trimming approach.

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