The Need for Tree Stump Removal

Stump Out!

The stumps left behind after a tree removal are ugly and difficult to get rid of. The tree stump needs to be examined in order to guarantee that the tree has been totally removed. To do this operation, arborists frequently employ heavy machinery. Tree stump removal is necessary for the following reasons:


The stump might be missed by kids playing in the yard where it is located, resulting in severe injuries. Visitors may become tripped up by the stump’s roots. After dark, the yard’s uneven ground makes it difficult to walk across. If a guest trips over a stump at a backyard party that they weren’t expecting, they face the risk of getting hurt. Near the stump, there may be depressions in the ground that are sinking and might lead to trips and falls. It’s never simple to deal with the liability problems that arise from an event, and nobody wants a visitor to get wounded.

Further Growth​​

Another vital factor is the potential for a tree stump to continue to grow even after it has been cut down. The yard, cement, or sewage lines might be damaged if the roots keep growing as a result of this new development. This new growth will also lower the mineral concentration of the soil, which will affect neighboring plants like grass. Grass is most vulnerable to the problems caused by its continuing overpopulation. Any irrigation attempts only serve to promote growth close to the stump, and the grass frequently perishes from a lack of moisture. The grass will continue to go as the stump becomes bigger.


Tree stumps attract vermin and other tenacious insects. Termites may breach a home if their colony is too large to be confined in a stump. Termites may be quite damaging once inside. However, tree stumps are particularly susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Live trees may still be at risk. If a disease is discovered in a stump, it may spread to nearby trees. A cut tree resting in your yard resembles an open sore that is diseased.

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