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Myths About Trimming Your Trees

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape, providing shade, privacy, and even food in some cases. But over time, these trees can become unruly, requiring a bit of trimming and pruning to keep them looking their best. Because this is an important part of tree maintenance, there are plenty of myths about the process that needs to be debunked. Read on to learn the truth about residential tree trimming!

Myth 1: Pruning Trees Will Make Them Grow Faster

Fact: Trimming and pruning your trees will not make them grow faster. In fact, some types of pruning can actually slow down a tree’s growth, depending on how much of the tree is removed. Pruning and trimming are more about shape, size, and maintaining health than increasing growth.

Myth 2: You Can Trim Trees Any Time of the Year

Fact: Most types of trees should only be pruned in certain seasons for optimal results. In general, you should prune deciduous trees during their dormant season, usually late winter or early spring. Evergreen trees should be trimmed in the fall or winter months to avoid stress on the tree.

Myth 3: Pruning Will Make Trees Healthier

Fact: This myth is only partially true. Pruning can help maintain a healthy structure, which can help the tree resist disease and insect damage. But if done incorrectly or too severely, pruning can actually weaken a tree’s overall health.

Myth 4: You Should Prune All The Branches

Fact: Not all branches should be trimmed when you are pruning your trees. In fact, only dead, damaged, or diseased branches should be removed. Removing healthy branches can actually cause further damage and weaken the tree’s structure.

Myth 5: Pruning Is Expensive

Fact: Pruning does not have to be an expensive process. In fact, there are many affordable options available, including hiring experts. If you are looking for professional services, make sure to shop around and compare pricing before making your decision.

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