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Know the Hidden Dangers of Improper Tree Trimming

For many homeowners, tree trimming can seem daunting. Without the right safety precautions and the proper knowledge of what you’re doing, improper tree trimming can cause extensive damage to property and people. But what kind of damage should you expect if you’re not careful? In this article, you will know the consequences of improper residential tree trimming.

Tree Injury

Careless tree trimming can be dangerous not just to yourself, but to the tree as well. Excessive pruning can leave your tree vulnerable to pests, disease, dehydration, and extreme weather. In some cases, the tree may even die due to the shock of poor trimming. Trimming correctly means understanding the best time of year to prune, as well as how to reduce the chance of suffering a long-term injury.

Property Damage

When done incorrectly, tree trimming can be a hazard to yourself and your property. Branches and debris can land wherever, potentially damaging anything in their path. When climbing, it’s important to utilize the proper equipment, such as a safety harness and ropes, to ensure that you’re not at risk of a bad fall. Any debris that lands on the ground should be removed quickly and safely.

Invasive Species

Improper tree trimming can create too much of an opening for species such as bacteria and insects to invade the tree and spread. This can quickly spread among neighbors, creating a bigger problem than you intended. Pruning and trimming cautiously can help reduce the chances of invasive plants taking hold, and destroying the beauty of your garden and trees.

Ugly End Results

Chopping away at limbs and branches can leave an unsightly appearance on the tree, and may require you to bring in a professional to fix the mess. Improper trimming can also leave your tree looking lopsided, inhibiting its growth.

When it comes to tree trimming, you must take time for proper pruning and care. If you’re uncertain about the effects of your trimming, bring in a trusted professional from Rodriguez Trees LLC to get the job done right, and prevent any unnecessary losses. We’re offering reliable residential tree trimming services in Atlanta, GA that you can easily avail of. For inquiries, call us at (404) 985-1018!