Do You Really Need a Tree Stump Removal?

Find Yourself in a Slump With Your Stumps?

Are you wondering if the stumps around your property should be allowed to stay there or should you have them removed? There are many ways to help you determine it but there are numerous reasons, that are important, to consider when getting a tree stump removal. Here are some things you need to ask yourself:

Do they pose any dangers?

If they do pose some dangers, like children tripping or hitting them, then it would be better if you have them removed. You need to make sure that you do not leave these stumps where someone could find themselves injured. Stumps can be very dangerous if not monitored properly. You would also have to remove them if they are infected.

Are they visible?

If they are visible, then this makes them less dangerous. If they are not visible then the chances of something going wrong, like a mower hitting it and explodes, then you should have them removed already. Having stumps scattered in a field with tall grass only welcomes accidents, especially with equipment like trucks and other vehicles.

Would you make use of them?

If you would not or have no plans of making use of them in the future, then you should just have them removed. Most people have their trees cut because of a bad infection and plan to have the tree regrow with the stump left behind. You can also turn them into something that can be used for your landscaping design.

Depending on your answers, it would be easier for you now to determine if you need a tree stump removal in Atlanta, GA or not. If you decide that you do, know that you can always count on Rodriguez Trees LLC for quality services. If you need to know more about the services we have to offer, just give us a call at (404) 985-1018.